Thursday, September 22, 2022

Steve Albini - Slint - Spiderland - Melody Maker - March 30 1991



  1. Lovely piece, and spot-on about Slint’s lasting reputation and influence. It’s let down only by the rote in-group signaling about “dance music” and rap. The contradictory facets of Albini’s public persona are perplexing: he is capable of both tremendous intelligence and sensitivity, and the crassest adolescent posturing. Chuck Eddy has a great paragraph on ‘Songs About F***ing’, where he says that on ‘Tiny, King of the Jews’ Albini seems to break through into real insight about the bleak corner he has painted himself into. And then he breaks up Big Black and starts a new band called Rapeman.
    He is now one of the best follows on Twitter: consistently thoughtful and genuinely witty. Who would have thought it?