Thursday, May 18, 2023

Kodwo Eshun - Club Licks column - The Wire - September 1992


  1. These are fantastic. He’s someone else I wish had written more books. Even just a new edition of More Brilliant Than the Sun would be nice: I lost my copy and it’s currently selling for $350 on EBay. A while back Amazon had it for $1000!

  2. A Verso reissue of More Brilliant Than the Sun is supposed to have been coming out every year for about the last five or six years. I prematurely announced it at least 3 times on Blissblog! I wonder what is holding it up...

    If I have spare time I may put the rest of the club licks columns up, he did them most months for a bunch of years. Great commentary that should be out there for people to enjoy.

    Then there are the all pieces he did for iD and The Wire etc.