Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Paul Oldfield - The Durutti Column interview - 1988

Durutti Column / Vini Reilly interview, Paul Oldfield, Melody Maker, 1988


  1. I love reading these. I used to think Paul Oldfield was you, Simon.
    The Editor of this feature should be ashamed of that intro.

  2. I never noticed that intro, or 'standfirst' as they call it in the trade (in America, they call it 'dek' - go figure). They could be gruesome, as could the headlines.

    Paul is not me - I'd have to have been insanely prolific to have done all his pieces in MM as well as my own (i was working my arse off at the time, forgetting to take my IPC-allotted 4 weeks vacation, but it didn't feel like work). But we were joined at the hip at that time. The deputy editor believed Paul was a bad influence on me actually. He took the piss out of what he called the National Geographic school of writing at MM - references to escarpments, moraines, sargasso seas etc etc.